mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Don't worry, here i am!

It has reeaaally been ages since i last wrote something here, isn't it?
First, i was busy with writing my thesis; after graduating, i just had no idea
of what to write and couldn't be bothered with the blog. xD sorry..

Look at the three of us graduating on the same day..(*V*)
I dressed in lolita, per my mother suggestion, since my thesis revolved around
japanese kawaii culture..and my teacher even complimented on my outfit!!(°▽°;) エッ!

In the meanwhile, a new year has begun lol
Now i pass my days studying english (for the cae certificate) and japanese,
since my friend and I (Sakurachan) are leaving for Tokyo in October!\(*T^T*)/
We'll stay there for six months, i still can't believe it~
For me, that's a huuge period of time! We're going through a lot of planning and preparation
and we're going crazy in the process xD Preparing the school's enrollment docs,
searching for an apartment, finding out how to rent a japanese mobile phone,
looking for the best flight options (cue lots of luggage), reading tips about
grocery shopping in Japan and learning things i never really knew,
like how to use a washing machine (it's ok, you can laugh).
I promise i will do my best and try not to take the whole of my closet with me,
because it just won't be possible, unfortunately.o(´^`)o

Back to randomness:

-I spent new year's eve at Hoshichan's house in Livorno with Sio.
It was really fun and our lovely host is always adorable! Thank you very much! <3

We took some crazy pics..when i look at them i start laughing! xD

-In the latest months i splurged some money on videogames
(not really, they were for cheap, look at these old and not-so-recent titles xD)!

This was possible because i got a new pc (eheheh), couldn't have run them before.
Soooo guess who couldn't think about anything else but ME?!
It's a HEAVY drug, let me tell you. .____.
And my "to play" list is growing day by day, waah~*^*

-Due to various impediments, i missed and i'm going to miss out on all of the
anime/manga conventions..i even have my Maka (Soul Eater) cosplay ready!! >_<
Only my scythe needs colouring.
Either way, i'm not going to be able to wear it until 2014...sob sob

-Finally, could one of my blog posts go without talking about poupéegirl?
Of course not~
I changed my doll's haircolour to actually match the old one seems
a bit weird even to me xD


Well then..(´ ω`)ノ

3 commenti:

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

LOL che belle foto pregne che hai messo XDD cmq non vedo quella dei videogiochi u_u
è vero.. è passato davvero un sacco di tempo e abbiamo fatto troppe cose per poter riassumere tutto come si deve lol
fantastico pupekura: le pupe ubriacone eheheh

MAD.neko ha detto...

the hangover: pupe edition XD
le immagini non si vedono tutte purtroppo >.<
ho raggiunto un qualche limite di bandwidth non so come..

KiaraV ha detto... è meglio che non conto quanti soldi spendo in videogiochi, è MEGLIO XD