martedì 17 luglio 2012

Poupéegirl addicted

Hello blog, long time no see! (^-^)/
I've been making a bunch of poupéegirl icons lately, hope you like them!^^

Feel free to use them, credits is much appreciated but not necessary.
(please, don't hotlink)

sabato 21 aprile 2012

Shopping time!

I'm going to post my latest buys, which aren't much really,
given that where i live the shops are unsurprisingly boooring (´・`)

First off, two Tally hoodies. You see, i simply couldn't resist
the trashy pink leo one, and the black one looks cool.
(The Tralala cutsew is an intruder, i bought it online xD)

Then we have books and manga. I'm so happy about Inheritance and
Beyond the Shadows, now i can finally read how the stories end <3
As you can see, i started three series: Brave 10, Drrr and Are you Alice? **

Here i indulged in cosmetics, i really needed some new, good stuff AND in the right nuances! xD

Oh, these are not buys, these are birthday's gifts!! 超可愛い~ >3<
Thank you so much dears! <33

Lastly, here's an outfit i wore some time ago (´・ω・`)very slightly gyaru inspired

cutsew: tralala
skirt/thights/boots: random shops
accessories: ap, accessorize
bolero/bag(not in pic): bl


mercoledì 21 marzo 2012


Ultimamente c'è un nuovo essere che gira per casa mia, ve la presento:

Appena alzata... Nel cestino

Si chiama ufficialmente Edvige, ed è la gatta di mio fratello+fiancée.
In realtà ognuno di noi ha un nome diverso per lei (Chong, Nobili Fattezze,
Joshworth, Gattofifo, ET,...), ovviamente non risponde a nessuno di questi.
All'inizio ero scettica, per il muso schiacciato e perchè è abbastanza high maintenance..
però col tempo mi sono abituata e non lo vedo neanche più! XD Senza contare che
l'unico a viziarla è mio fratello, ah!
Edvige passa a casa mia i pomeriggi e/o le mattine lavorative (affido alternato lol),
così non sta da sola tutto il dì e possiamo portarla giù in giardino a giocare.
Devo dire che come "gatto da appartamento" è abbastanza fail, non gioca
assolutamente con palline/cordini, l'unica cosa che vuole fare è avventurarsi in ogni dove
nel giardino o negli armadi, rincorrere foglie spostate dal vento, litigare col cane del vicino
di dietro, osservare i volatili nella siepe e mostrare a tutti la sua essenza di gatto arboricolo.
E' tanto morbidosa e fa dei miagolii davvero graziosi!
Io ho sempre voluto un gatto ma ahimé, vivendo in un condominio,
è sempre stato offlimits..bè in questo caso ostacolo aggirato direi!
Nella sua testa io sono "quella che le fa le coccole"~♥
Ormai mi ci sono affezionata molto! X3

Cappottino invernale
Primissimo piano

martedì 28 febbraio 2012

Tutorial: How to make animated Gifs

I got a request from a person who asked me on how to make animated gifs,
so i wrote this little tutorial, a very easy one on how to get started :)
I'm using Photoshop CS3 (which has incorporated some functions of ImageReady);
make sure you have Quicktime installed or it won't work!
First of all, search/download the video you want to use (as a tip,
try searching for a shorter video that  includes the scene you want to turn into a gif,
like youtube and such, instead of opening the whole movie/episode/whatever).
Now open Ps and go to File> Import video frames to layers; type ' *.* ' to see all the file formats.

Now hold down shift key as written to select only the part of video you want to use.
Click ok. Make sure you have the animation window open! (if not, got to Window>animation).
Let's start with selecting and deleting unwanted frames that happened to be included.

Next we're going to delete some of the many frames that compose your gif;
keep only two frames or even just one for every little "scene",
otherwise your animation is gonna be too heavy!!
When you're done, select all frames..

and using the Crop tool or the rectangular selection,
crop the image to show better the subject and to remove
unnecessary portions of the background.
We're also going to resize it, because we don't want an enormous gif xD
From Image>image size, change your settings.
Now it's time to edit the time frame!
By now you should have already noticed the little play/stop button
on the animation window, you can use them to see the animation
going and to check whether the "speed" is just how you want it or not.
Select ALL the frames and click on the tiny arrow.
You can choose either the fixed duration on the drop down menu or click on
Other and set your own duration time.
By doing this you're setting the frame delay, basically you're deciding if
you want your animation going faster or slower. You can also assign different
values to each frame by selecting them one by one. :)

Once you're done with the timing the gif is practically finished
but, if you want to add something, now's the chance :D
Whether it's a text layer, an adjustment layer, some brushes, a texture,
just make sure you have all the frames selected! Then it won't matter which frame
you're actually working on, the additional layer(s) will be on all the animation.
Go to the top in your Layers' box and add the new layer!

As an example, i'm going to add a little frame, just because:

(you can see my new layer has been applied on every frame)
Oh and remember you can check your gif anytime by using the play/stop button! ;)
Go to File> Save for web and devices. Save and we're done!

So this is basically how i made gifs like these:

..and how one makes those funny gifs we always see on tumblr xD
Anyway, i'm pretty sure there are tons of tutorials out there and other ways
to make animated gifs, but i thought of writing this anyway^^ Hope it was helpful!
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add a comment!
Sorry for my english!
m(_ _)m