sabato 21 aprile 2012

Shopping time!

I'm going to post my latest buys, which aren't much really,
given that where i live the shops are unsurprisingly boooring (´・`)

First off, two Tally hoodies. You see, i simply couldn't resist
the trashy pink leo one, and the black one looks cool.
(The Tralala cutsew is an intruder, i bought it online xD)

Then we have books and manga. I'm so happy about Inheritance and
Beyond the Shadows, now i can finally read how the stories end <3
As you can see, i started three series: Brave 10, Drrr and Are you Alice? **

Here i indulged in cosmetics, i really needed some new, good stuff AND in the right nuances! xD

Oh, these are not buys, these are birthday's gifts!! 超可愛い~ >3<
Thank you so much dears! <33

Lastly, here's an outfit i wore some time ago (´・ω・`)very slightly gyaru inspired

cutsew: tralala
skirt/thights/boots: random shops
accessories: ap, accessorize
bolero/bag(not in pic): bl