domenica 19 febbraio 2012

Another birthday

 It snowed a lot a week or so ago, so i took the chance and did this:

it felt refreshing! xD Now the poor guy is all melted..

Yesterday i held a little birthday party with my friends, doing the usual stuff, like going to the japanese restaurant and then eat sweets and cake.^^ I must say that I'm not
so good at baking, my desserts always come out a bit odd-looking XD
Here's what i wore:

Jsk&otk: putumayo
Shirt: anna house
Shoes: vw replica montreal
Accessories: offbrand

One of my friends, Sio, has the habit of drawing me every kind of greeting cards, this time it was Drrr themed ceiling izaya is creepy lol

I can say that by now i have a whole collection of handmade greeting cards, thank you so much! (*^_^*)

Aaand that's all for today, i'm still thinking about what kind of posts i should make in this new blog^^

5 commenti:

Federica Hyrule ha detto...

stai benissimo *_* mi piace tanto tanto l'outfit! <3

Momo ha detto...

^.^ kawaii la mia cara festeggiata <3

Vittorina ha detto...

Bellissimo outfit!

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

traditrice!! cos'è quel bigliettooooo?! LOL povero Izaya..
cmq si.. quell'outfit è proprio bello.. brava nana! **
il pupazzoooooo!! poverone..

Miria ha detto...

sei sempre puccissima! >_<